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Day 7: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now

I really wish it could be twenty because frankly music is all but



1. School – Nirvana
I’ve talked about how I always return to Nirvana in a previous post and due to “Montage of Heck” I was reintroduced to some of my old favorites.

2. Red Right Hand – PJ Harvey
Unfortunately, I can’t find where to download this song so I must listen to it on YouTube. I first heard this song when watching the first trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s “Crimson Peak” and when I went on a search to find the track title I found out PJ Harvey had done a cover of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” for the show “Peaky Blinders.”

3. Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON
WALK THE MOON has a soft spot on my heart because I used their song “Anna Sun” when putting together photos and video of my nephew for his third birthday. This band is one of the few upbeat bands that I like.

4. Hold My Hand – UNKLE
This was one of those things where you find a song you like then creep through the band’s iTunes page. I found this song after hearing “The Dog Is Black” and wondering if UNKLE had any other weirdly catchy songs. Because this song was only available with the album, I bought the whole thing with no regrets. That’s how much I love this song.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

5. Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey
One of my friends introduced me to Lana Del Rey a few years back and I’ve loved her voice since. When her newest album came out, I couldn’t stop listening to the title track.

6. Cling – Modern Chemistry
I absolutely love the feeling of walking into a concert a fan of the headliner and walking away a fan of the supporting act. When frnkiero andthe cellabration came to Detroit with Modern Chemistry and The Homeless Gospel Choir as supporting acts I didn’t bother to look up the two bands I hadn’t heard before because I figured I would let the live show be my introduction. Both were great but Modern Chemistry stood out and I listen to this song almost every day.

7. Wasp – Motionless In White
Motionless in White I discovered a few years ago and have been following them in anticipation of new releases. When Reincarnate came out, “Wasp” was an instant favorite.

8. Spooky Action At A Distance – SQÜRL
As a student in the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts at Wayne State University and as a student in Midtown, Detroit, I had heard of the indie movie “Only Lovers Left Alive” and was attracted to the premise of a vampire hiding out in Detroit while making music. Director Jim Jarmusch and his band SQÜRL was responsible for the soundtrack and it’s mostly void of vocals and a blend of sounds but it works so amazingly well together and I can’t stop listening to this song.



9. Pure Morning – Placebo
Many of the bands I love will post on there Twitter or Instagram photos of seeing Placebo live or the Placebo albums they are listening to so I decided to check them out. This is by far my favorite.

10. Make it Home – thenewno2
First heard the remix to this song while watching “Beautiful Creatures” and loved it so much I bought the remix and the original version.