Project 5

TechTown Clients

This was by far the most important project I’ve taken on this semester and possible even during my entire college career. Due to our class being partnered with TechTown, our professor gave us three options for start-ups that needed assistance in the tech comm department. Each company happened to be at various stages, with one having had a test run of their app and another starting from basically nothing. My group and I chose to work on Wilson Adaptive Technologies, a company working to create an affordable roll-in shower for every consumer who may need it, because there was very little done for it, to the point that we were laying the foundations for terminology and marketing plans/strategies.

Our goals included gathering research to be used to boost the company’s online presence, create a survey to show the company was invested in researching the need for a roll-in shower and to create a media kit that could be used by various members of the press or companies looking to invest in WAT. Through this process and getting to know company founder, Ron Wilson, we gained a better understanding of language as a rhetorical tool and how a simple word can have a massive impact on your outcome. For example, using the term “disability” is being exclusionary to those who may be dealing with an extended recovery as well as the term having a certain social implication. Due to Wilson’s goal of making this an affordable shower for anyone, we decided using the terminology “limited mobility” would be better suited to the company in order to reach a greater audience.