“This above all; to thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

Hello readers!

I am a proud Wayne State University Warrior, graduating in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Art ins in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in English. I spent seven-and-a-half years roaming the streets of Midtown, Detroit as a student and found a new sense of pride watching the city’s revitalization. I had the opportunity to intern for Hour Media, primarily as an editorial intern for Hour Detroit, and had my writing featured in Hour Detroit, Metro Detroit Wedding and Health Guide. Also, in my final semester at WSU, I served as an Editor-in-Chief of The Capstonian, our capstone class’s web-based project.

I am a product of the 90s, daughter, sister, aunt, music enthusiast, Netflix viewer, coffee addict and make-up hoarder. I’m the nerd who takes Shakespeare and classical mythology for fun and geeks out over documentaries. I have a varied interest in all things music, equal rights and literature. Also, I’m always open to podcast suggestions.

This blog is meant to give readers a fun look at things through the eyes of a twenty-something small town girl armed with a Nikon camera, Macbook and AP Stylebook.

You can find me tweeting under @EmilyRidener, posting photos on Instagram under @ejridener and shooting emails under ejridener@gmail.com.

I also manage two other blogs which can be found here:

Emily J Ridener’s Photojournalism Blog

Emily J Ridener


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