“This above all; to thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

10633777_1009360749092339_8670946636604068855_oHello readers!

I am a journalism major and English minor at Wayne State University in Midtown, Detroit. I am a product of the 90s, daughter, sister, aunt, music enthusiast, Netflix viewer, coffee addict and make-up hoarder. I’m the nerd who takes Shakespeare and classical mythology for fun and geeks out over documentaries. I have a varied interest in all things music, equal rights and literature.

This blog is meant to give readers a fun look at things through the eyes of a twenty-something small town girl armed with a Nikon camera, Macbook and AP Stylebook.

You can find me tweeting under @EmilyRidener, posting photos on Instagram under @ejridener and shooting emails under ejridener@gmail.com.

I also manage two other blogs which can be found here:

Emily J Ridener’s Photojournalism Blog

Emily J Ridener



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