Project 2


The purpose of this project was to get our feet wet within the technical communication field by analyzing former 3050 student’s wiki pages. Admittedly, I took a strong stance in how I would be viewing these pages. I wanted to think about it as if I was a potential employer or client. What were these people sharing? Could I see what they looked like? Where did they go to school? What degree do they have? Do they have a sense of humor? How organized is their content?

Overall, the project helped me to understand how my own design strategy would be viewed by my audience. This project essentially made me step back and look at my assignment from Project One but as it was done by someone else. My focus became the concept of trust and how willing we are to put ourselves out there. Whereas one of the student pages I observed let me know contact information, a photo, education, etc., the other was bare and left me wondering what he was hiding. This is odd, seeing as I did want to view this as an employer or client, and I found myself curious if he was reliable or just shy.