Project 3

WikiHow Pages

This project was our first experience in technical communication of which public would have access. We needed to create a WikiHow account and create a step-by-step explanation of how to do something. This project was open to whatever we wanted and was also the first bit of group work I experienced in the class. The overall experience was a positive one and together we made a how-to on performing poetry.

We knew this would be going to a niche audience because many people do not write poetry as they once did. This was meant to help people looking in to branching out from just writing/publishing poetry to getting in front of an audience, live or uploaded to the Internet.

One of the ways this project helped our understanding the value of heuristics was user tests. Because Kristen and I had done plenty of research into popular methods of poetic performance, we needed to have a separate set of eyes to look at our WikiHow in order to understand whether or not we were meeting our goals. A few tweaks here and there and we felt those goals were met.