Project 4

Information Visualization

In order to gain experience with gathering, organizing and visualizing data, this project was perfect for combining the three and making something that could potentially have an impact on the public. My partner and I had various options based on our interests but we combined them to research the way in which educational privilege has a direct impact on income and poverty rates. We looked at graduation rates in Michigan and based on the data we were able to find, Rochester had the highest graduation versus Detroit which had the lowest.

In choosing this topic, we knew we had to find a sensible, impactful yet respectful visual representation of the data we had gathered. We had a system of circles, one to represent each of the four pieces of data for each city we were trying to represent. One based on the national average income, another for graduation rates, one for average income of that city and the final for the average poverty rate in that city. The end result was a startling image to show the two were greatly opposite in everything.