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Day 6: Five ways to win your heart

Seeing as I love to find loopholes in anything given to me these will be the five things to win my heart in any sort of situation be it co-workers, friends, family members, relationships, etc.

My rescue Jules and I in an outtake from my senior photos.

My rescue Jules and I in an outtake from my senior photos.

Who doesn’t love a cuddly little creature? I was raised in a very pet friendly home and, to me, a home isn’t a home unless there is a four-legged family member roaming around. People that are cruel or neglect animals are some of the lowest individuals and any person that cannot see the joy animals bring isn’t someone I would spend time with.

Having a beautiful soul
I don’t mean open yourself up and give your soul a facelift. There are people in this world who have the most amazing outlooks, experiences and actions and this one’s for them. The people who you call and will always give a lending hand, will always have a fun story to tell and will always see the best in a situation instead of the worst.

Be funny
I have a degree in sarcasm and dry senses of humor. People who are too serious need to take a chill pill and realize we aren’t getting out of this alive so you might as well make the most of it and have fun while you can.

Be open-minded
If there is one thing I hate is someone who cannot be open-minded to the things going on around them. I always keep other peoples beliefs in mind when trying to organize my words and I would hope any other person has the same courtesy.

My Jack Skellington onesie.

My Jack Skellington onesie.

Be nerdy
I can’t be the only person that would rather read classic literature while in my Jack Skellington onesie as “Game of Thrones” is playing in the background. I’m nerdy in the history/literature way and not so much in the gamer way but there is a place for every nerd and to suppress it is to suppress yourself.

I don’t think I’m asking for too much.