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Well…this awkward.

Let’s go back to September 2015 when I had last posted. I had just said goodbye to a close friend who would be studying abroad in France, was only a few months into a night job and was coming to grips with my longing for more English classes.

Quite a bit has happened since then, including but not limited to:

  • Declaring an English minor
  • Taking a cruise to Alaska
  • Taking a creative writing course from M.L. Liebler, one of the most eccentric professors I’ve ever encountered
  • Presenting a research paper at a student conference where I had to talk about quite a brutal murder
  • Becoming a dog mom
  • Ditching the English minor for a full-on second degree
  • Getting my dream internship with Hour Media
  • Getting a job as a paginator
  • Taking a class under Beth Konrad, the legend
  • Joining Society of Professional Journalists
  • Starting a capstone project which will hopefully continue through the years
  • Graduated from college
  • Joined the leadership team for a mental health blog

Oh, and books. So. Many. Books. Read.

Yes, I’ve been busy. I’ve silently maintain this domain not only because I knew I would return one day in a glory of typing and tagging for my limited audience of family but also because I enjoy having something I’m proud of.

Will I be updating every week? Likely not, if we’re being honest with each other. I intend to get at least a few posts up a month with topics ranging from post-grad life to current events in my usual sarcastic tone. I won’t be waiting nearly five years again because frankly…

I have a lot of stories to tell.