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Day 27: Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass right now.

Anytime my parents leave town, instead of being a stereotypical college student living off ramen and frozen dinners, I cook for myself like a “real” adult. I’ve mastered a lemon garlic with rosemary roasted chicken, made up my own mashed redskin potato recipe and didn’t give myself food poisoning when cooking myself a full Thanksgiving dinner.

Since November my parents have gone on three trips, one of which lasted a month, and each time I’ve survived off my 22-year-old’s skills in the kitchen. I’ve never minded trying new things mostly because no one else was here to see my possible failure. The things that turned out well I would make for my parents when they got home admittedly to show off.

The croque monsieur I just made tonight.

The croque monsieur I just made tonight.

Beginning in May, I was on summer break from school! Being home more meant I wanted to do something constantly, like knitting or writing challenges, so I’ve began cooking more instead of my parents doing it. I’m not saying I do most of it but I’m definitely doing more than I used to.

And I’m freaking loving it.

Just an hour ago I made my dad and I some croque monsieur for dinner. The other day I made amazing wraps from left over chicken breast, avocado, Gouda cheese, roma tomatoes and green onions. I also made a colorful and delicious pasta primavera last week that I could have eaten until I burst it was so good.

I’ve essentially become the college equivalent of an untrained, unqualified chef.

One of my favorite things to make is the above-mentioned roasted chicken which I stuff full of garlic, lemon wedges and rosemary then sprinkle garlic and rosemary olive oil on top. I usually pair it with either lemon garlic redskin potatoes or string beans with slivered almonds.

The beginning stages of my lemon garlic redskin potatoes.

The beginning stages of my lemon garlic redskin potatoes.

It’s all easier than it sounds too. I started my recipe folder with Googling things I wanted to make or some healthier options I wanted to stash away. I keep them in a three-ring binder and have everything separated by category. I highly suggest anyone does this whether they cook or plan to in the future that way you have a reference at the ready instead of searching through the Internet looking for something to cook.

Seriously, go look for stuff to cook and save them!