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Day 28: Post five things that make you laugh-out-loud

There are many things that make me “lol” but I’ve put down the fail-proof ones.

My mom
I love her and she is quite possibly the most mischievous individual in the world. The funniest part? She has an innocent face so she gets away with everything.

The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Buzzfeed’s Try Guys
I discovered the Try Guys on accident when watching make-up tutorials on YouTube. If I remember correctly, I was watching a video on contouring and in the suggested videos a “The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time” video was listed and I couldn’t resist. One of my favorite parts of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is when the queens are challenged to turn normal men into drag divas because the process is hilarious. I watched the Try Guys video and basically had to hold in the laughter the whole time in fear of waking up my parents. They also led me to be addicted to BuzzfeedVideo but I always return to Zach, Keith, Eugene and Ned for a laugh. Their Mother’s Day five-part series was amazing.

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Hannah Hart (*Note: I made a gallery of gifs because I couldn’t choose just one)
A few years ago I had watched a Jenna Marbles video paying homage to My Drunk Kitchen. After watching Jenna Marbles’ video, I had to hop over to Hannah Hart’s web series and I absolutely love her puns and mason jars. Some of my favorites are the MREs, No Quitter Fritters and Eggs Benedict.

My dogs
I’ve always loved my animals but they always make me laugh. Jules used to patrol the living room like a warden does a cell house and run into walls then huff at them as if they were harshing her mellow for being there. Kitty, our Yorkie, acts like an angel and stares at my parents with a sparkle in her eye but as soon as she looks at me her head goes down and she glares because I’m her rival. Jackson, our bulldog we lost a year-and-a-half-ago, would growl and snap at you if you got too close but as soon as there was a thunderstorm the sausage with legs would be a teeth chattering shaking mess and try to edge into your person. Mr. Bosworth, our Maltese and newest addition, is energetic and looks for trouble to cause or things to destroy. I believe he thinks my mom goes into my Macbook when she goes on vacation because anytime she’s left he gets to see her trapped on my Skype or FaceTime. I edited together a video of things he’s done while I am trying to work because he thinks he needs to rescue his mama.

My nephew
Austin, my 4-year-old nephew, loves to blame me for everything. The worst part is my mom thinks it’s too funny to pass up so she eggs him on. He also loves to tell me how to do things, what I’m doing wrong and what I should watch. He starts talking about Groot, I tell him I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy, he gives me a “what the f***” type look, then tells me I have to watch it and even goes as far as saying he’ll let me borrow the movie…that isn’t his. He also told me I need to get Spiderman sunglasses because it will make me cooler.