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Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve

I have flaws. Frankly, none of them jump out as things I’d like to improve except one.

My lack of desire to be outdoors.

I hate the idea of bugs and creepy-crawlies. I hate the sun and heat. I love the rain but not the mud that it leaves behind. Basically put, my idea of roughing it is a hotel with subpar air conditioning.

Michael Scott, "The Office."

Michael Scott, “The Office.”

I’ve been camping once in my life and I nearly melted from the sticky August heat. I’ve hiked around a mountain side and through a near death trap trail to a waterfall at Yosemite National Park. Being from Michigan, a state with a wide variety of outdoor friendly activities that many enjoy, you’d think I basically lived at a Cabelas stocking up for my next outdoor adventure by a lake.

Nope. No I am not.

Plenty of people I know take weekend adventures to this campsite or that hunting camp while I stay home in my cryptically cold bedroom preserving my paleness and clutching a vintage book. I’m mostly fine with it but there are times I feel like I’m missing something.

Maybe I’m just not adventurous enough but I think it boils down to needing to overcome my disgust of bugs and heat.