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Day 30: Your highs and lows for the month

Well, this is the end of the road for this challenge.

I can honestly say I had some fun with this. I’m not joking when I saw I had low expectations for this challenge seeing as I have a tendency to forget things easily and I had a strong feeling I’d be skipping posts. Thankfully, I did every post on time and finished all 30 days.

Michael Scott, "The Office"

Michael Scott, “The Office”

Most of the lows came from moments of writer’s block or trying to find the best videos to link to songs and trailers. Seeing as I’ve been using WordPress for a while, I’m used to the format of the posts and how to use the settings.

I experienced a great deal of highs. Sometimes it was watching my mom try to figure out what would be in the daily post and other times it was typing furiously trying to finish before I fell asleep on my keyboard. I had fun doing this and even more fun seeing people “Like” a post because someone other than family and myself were getting something out of the challenge. One writer even asked if she could steal the idea to which I responded I stole it from another blogger via Google Images.

I think by ding a writing challenge helps you remind yourself who you are in a time when your head is spinning from work, school and reality. I’ll probably do another challenge at some point in a few months but for now I’ll focus on blogging about projects I’m working on or things going on around the world.

See ya writing challenge, it’s been real.

Here’s a hint: soon there will a post about the big equal rights victory from last week.