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Day 18: Post 30 facts about you

I’m going to treat this as a “meet to admin” type situation. Every year in the “Notes” section of my Facebook page, I post a “30 things about me part…” since my senior year of high school. The reason I have continued to do it is because it’s funny to see how things change and how I’ve grown from senior in high school to fourth year college student. I recommend doing it because it’s a nice thing to look back on after a few years and it provides a little flashback to who you were years before.

giphy-31.I used to want to be a vampire

2.I name my technologies

3.My iPod, Vlad, is like a lifeline, pacifier and addiction all wrapped in one

4.I love to travel and have visited most of continental United States and Hawaii along with Cozamel

5.I have a dream of visiting London, Ireland and Paris

6.I identify as Goth

7.I am a literature nerd

8.My favorite Shakespeare play is Richard III followed by Coriolanus

9.My nephew and I almost share a birthday

10.I love to cook but rarely do so

A blanket I made as a baby shower gift for a close friend.

A blanket I made as a baby shower gift for a close friend.

11.I knit to relax

12.I think I’m a 70-year-old trapped in a 22-year-old’s body

13.I have a coffee problem

14.I consider myself a straight ally

15.My bedroom looks like a crypt complete with black-out curtains, black bedding and enough skulls to rival the Paris Catacombs

16.My favorite Edgar Allen Poe work is “The Tell-Tale Heart

17.I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and, spoiler alert, am still a bit emotional at Jon Snow’s death

18.My favorite artist is Kevin Llewellyn

19.I love my Nikon I bought for my digital photojournalism class, even though I struggle with the manual setting, and love to take pictures of just about anything

20.My mom and I, even though we are incredibly close, are like Doris Day and Wednesday Addams…guess which one’s Wednesday?

21.My alarm clock is my foe

22.My favorite composer is either Thomas Newman or Danny Elfman

23.My favorite director is Tim Burton

24.My iPod has 2,220 songs and counting

25.I love thunderstorms

26.I prefer nighttime and avoid the sun like the plague

27.I have my mother’s Irish skin until I venture into the sun where I burn once and my father’s Native American heritage holds my tan for at least six months. No, I’m not happy about that

28.Our Yorkie, Kitty, and I used to have a severe case of sibling rivalry until Jules passed and we mended the fence because we lost our friend

29.My favorite book is Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

My Chemical Romance in the music video for "Teenagers."

My Chemical Romance in the music video for “Teenagers.”

30.My all-time favorite band is My Chemical Romance