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Day 3: what are your top three pet peeves?

Definition of pet peeve from Google.

Definition of pet peeve from Google.

I feel like things that make me angry and things that are just classified as pet peeves often cross each other’s paths. Here are the top three pet peeves/things that make me angry.


I do believe this is why I view my alarm clock as my one true foe. I’m not sure when this hatred started but anytime I heard something beeping, I give it a few seconds and if it continues I find myself searching for the problem and squashing it like an unwanted spider.


Of course I mean the sort of thing that goes on between a few high immature people and not the sort of thing you see on a theater’s stage. One of the reasons I am very selective about the people I friend on Facebook is because I hate seeing drama unfold on my timeline. Seriously, who cares?

Uneven numbers

This could be a nod to a more OCD side of me (which I don’t have just to clarify) but when I’m doing things, I prefer them to be in even numbers. I think it’s because I like pairs. A weird example is when I’m eating a snack food such as almonds. I’ve noticed within the passed year that anytime I eat almonds I put two in my mouth at once and if I am left with a single almond at the end of the bowl I stare at it with contempt. Why? No clue. I like things I can buy in packs of two or four, things that can be stacked in fours and things that can be lined in even rows. Anytime I am faced with an odd number, I cringe.

I guess I could be described as a borderline OCD, mellow and alarm hating college student.