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Time for something a bit more challenging.

It’s not the task itself but more the commitment involved. I’ve always wanted to do a 30-day writing challenge but could never find the time or the type to interest me. After looking at a Google Image search for “30 day writing challenge,” I found this one from sunglow and me:Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.47.23 PM

Challenge accepted.

Day 1: List 10 things that make you really happy.

  1. My family.

They’ve always supported me, myself and I through my weirdest phases and longest nights.

  1. My dogs.

Earlier in this blog, I posted a short narrative about the dog I lost. She was my world and made me happy everyday I snuggled her close. Now, I’m left with her memory and siblings, Kitty (teacup Yorkie) and Mr. Bosworth (Maltese).

  1. My iPod.

This little piece of technology even earned a name, Markus, because I never leave home without, much like a parent with an infant. My earbuds are nearly always plugged into my ears and my 2220 and growing songs are serenading me even in my sleep.

  1. My friends

Even though we are what some would describe as a motley crew of people, we have each other’s backs and constantly find ways to make each other laugh.

  1. Thunderstorms

Nothing to me is more comforting than the sound of thunder and the rain as it pelts against my 100-some-year-old house.

  1. Coffee

Coffee and I are like Batman and Robin…you can’t have one without the other.

  1. Writing

It would seem obvious but I feel the need to make it clear. Whether it’s someone’s story in article format or a short story from the depths of my imagination, I nearly constantly feel the need to have pen to paper or fingers to keys.

  1. Shakespeare

As an English minor, I have an affinity for this playwright. He created some of the greatest plays and sonnets in literature and so little is known about him. He’s one of the greatest mysteries in my head. Maybe one day I will post my final project for the Shakespeare class I took during the Fall 2014 semester.

  1. Nighttime

I think much better in the dark. I used to dream of becoming a vampire and prowling around the world in the shadows. I grew up but my love for the shadows and hatred of the sun never did.

  1. My Macbook

This piece of technology earned a name as well, Mischief, and had guided me through the passed two semesters worth of long nights hanging out in Microsoft word and browsing scholarly sources.