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I won’t sugar coat it: college and your bank account are never on friendly terms.

Unfortunately too many people are well aware of the woes us young people deal with when we’re trying to scrap together enough spare change to buy a coffee. Make sure to make friends with the baristas, that way when you pay in nickels they don’t slip you decaf instead of your espresso.

Because of these seemingly dark moments in our financial lives, sometimes it is necessary to point fun at the bills that pile so easily. One of the organizations I belong to, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), shared a photo on their Facebook page (which has since been taken down) that actually made me smile (which is so very rare). I was scrolling my Twitter feed and had come across a seldom seen NSCS tweet with a simple “LOL” as the caption and I was forced to click the Facebook link. A Wayne State staffer had posted a photo of a sign a student made and posted somewhere on campus. The staffer was required to take it down but first shared it with Facebook because it gave everyone else a good and much needed laugh.

And boy was that note true.


Fees, fees and more fees. Oh, how about a little more fees to lighten your pocket?

It’s no secret college is expensive (I paid around $4,000 out of pocket for the 2013-2014 school year) but when you see notes like these, you just have to smile and forget about how much it sucks when you get that dreaded email that comes every year right before the fall term. It always says something to the effect of “after much negotiation, tuition will rise from x per credit hour to y per credit hour”.

I don’t know about you, but when that email comes I give a good eye roll, take a deep breath and read it like I don’t care when really I want to sob and have a hard drink. Then I saw this and the burn of that email was reduced too a sting.




P.S. – Dear Wayne State, please don’t add a “Blog Fee” or I’m doomed.